Drums and Percussion

CMA Drum Club 

(Ages 6-8)


This group lesson meets weekly for one hour classes. 

Introduces young aspiring drummers to the world of music through percussive instruments.  Students are kept engaged by a variety of activities and games to help them understand musical concepts such as rhythm, listening, creativity through composition, and rudimentary theory through interactive group games.  

Students will get to learn how much fun music is especially when created with others!  They will have opportunities to share their musical creations in front of their classmates.  They will develop confidence while experiencing the value of listening to their peers.


Private Drum Lessons

(All Ages)


Students come for weekly half hour lessons for one-on-one instruction with their teacher. Students learn more thoroughly and develop further the concepts like reading, rhythm, technique, dynamics and improvisation in a challenging but rewarding setting. Students will also develop confidence in their abilities, enabling them to take on the vital role of being the backbone of the band!