Junior Music Makers

(Ages 4-5)


For students aged four to five, learning music comes as naturally as learning to speak a language. This program introduces the essential elements of pitch, harmony, and rhythm.

Students are kept engaged with singing and games to foster skills in basic concepts, rudimentary theory, and rhythm. This course is fast-paced and geared to the capabilities and strengths of four and five year-old children. Upon successful completion of JMM level 1, students graduate to JMM level 2.

*Parental attendance required*

Young Music Makers

(Ages 6-7)


This hour long class is a great way to begin a life-long passion for music. The fun, fast-paced curriculum develops musicianship and keyboard skills with material developed by our own teachers.

Students sit at their own keyboards in class and develop a deeper understanding of pitch, harmony, and rhythm while singing, playing, theory, and rhythm. YMM also helps develop intonation and pitch accuracy. Upon successful completion of YMM 1, students graduate to YMM 2.

*Parental attendance required for first half of the year*

Private PIANO Lessons

(All Ages)


CMA offers private piano lessons for students of all ages. These lessons are half an hour in length occurring once a week and are tailored to each student`s needs. Students will work on ear training and sight reading in order to maximize their piano abilities and, by extension, their enjoyment of the instrument. Both students and teachers participate in repertoire selection. Students also have several performance opportunities throughout the year.