CMA Singers

(Ages 7-10)


This hour-long course is designed for beginners aged 7-10 and meets weekly. Oftentimes, private lessons can be daunting for a young child who is working up the courage to sing. This friendly group-oriented environment is a great place to try voice lessons for the first time.

In this class, students will focus on building musicianship skills and vocal technique through a variety of fun activities. They will be introduced to basic musical concepts such as rudimentary theory, pitch, rhythm, and harmony. Once students reach a certain skill level, they will be asked to partake in private lessons.

Vocal Harmony Group

(Ages 10-18)


Once students in private lessons reach a certain skill level, they may be asked to join our vocal harmony group. This group focuses on all aspects of ensemble singing. Students work from choral scores, learn improvisational skills, and work alongside their instructor to create original harmonisations to songs they choose themselves.

Group singing offers training in ensemble skills and musicianship that can rarely be found in other environments. Students listen to and communicate with one another as they learn subtle skills like blend as well as broadly applicable concepts like voice leading and chord structures.  

Private Voice Lessons

(All Ages)


In this weekly half hour lesson, students develop musically while learning and developing basic vocal techniques for a broad range of singing styles. 

Lessons are tailored to each student's capabilities and needs, while repertoire is chosen by students and their teacher together, with the goal of exposing singers to new genres and styles.