Violin Ensemble

(By Invitation)

Once students have reached a certain level, they may be asked to join the Violin Ensemble, a weekly one hour class. Students will have the opportunity to apply the skills learned in their private lessons in a group setting and learn to collaborate with other violinists. 

The group setting offers unique opportunities to improve students' musicality, as they learn to balance, blend, and communicate with each other. In doing so, they will learn how to actively listen to multiple parts and melodies at once. Violin is a social instrument, often found in ensembles or accompanied by piano. 

* $73/Month

Private Violin Lessons

(All Ages)

Premium Private Drum Lessons

Ages 6 - 12 recommended

  • One hour long comprehensive program focusing on well-balanced skill development

  • Class time accommodates up to 3 students with rotations between…

    • One-on-one hands on drum instruction

    • In-class music theory development (theory lab)

    • In-class sight reading and ear training through fun, interactive digital games (violin lab)

* $100/Month

Private Piano Lessons

Ages 12 - adult recommended

  • 1/2 hour in length (double booking available)

  • Lessons are tailored to each students ability and needs

  • Students explore a variety of genres from pop, jazz and classical

  • Opportunity to prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music exams and Post-Secondary music programs

* $100/Month

* All monthly tuition is based on a total of 38 lessons from Sept to June (Pro-rated into equal monthly payments)

Violin Rentals: CMA has a collection of violins in a variety of sizes for rental. The cost is $35.00/month plus tax